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One of the characteristics of the manufacture of the dicing sheet is that the process is very strong, and any omissions and deviations in the manufacturing process may have a negative impact on the quality of the dicing sheet. During the slewing test, it was observed in the ruptured flat cutting disc on sale that some of the fractures were coarse, loose, and missing. The mesh cloth was slightly pulled and detached. The occurrence of these defects was related to the improper manufacturing process. There are many problems in the process of compounding, molding, firing or curing, and shaping processing. 1. Compounding process: The ingredients are the preliminary preparation of the mixture. The mixing material is an abrasive, a wetting agent, a bonding agent, a filler, etc., in a certain procedure and manner, so that the wetting agent, the bonding agent and the filler are uniformly adhered to the abrasive grains to be evenly distributed with each other. The key to the mixing is uniformity, and the molding material should be: the components are evenly distributed, keep loose, easy to spread, and have good molding properties. In some production plants, the mechanical mixing or manual mixing time is not enough, and the mixing and sieving operations are relatively sloppy, which does not meet the above requirements. 2. Forming process: The correct operation is to pour the molding material in the middle of the mold, and then use a special scraper to spread the material in a radial direction so that it is evenly distributed in the mold, so that the blank body reaches a specified size and shape without cracking or cracking. Floor. Some employees of the company have no way to operate, resulting in uneven quality distribution, shape tolerance and static balance. 3. Firing or curing: This is the most critical production process, and there are two factors that easily cause quality problems. One is that the temperature difference between the curing oven or the firing kiln is too large; the other is that the method of installing the furnace is improper. The temperature difference in the oven or kiln is generally measured when the 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc is not installed. At this time, the temperature difference is small. When the oven or the kiln is filled with the cutting piece, improper filling will hinder the flow of hot air in the oven or the kiln, and the temperature difference will increase. Deviation from the set hardening specification makes the curing (hardening) quality of the dicing sheet insufficiently guaranteed. 4, plastic processing: Some cutting pieces are shaped after firing or curing to ensure the geometrical dimensions and geometrical tolerances of the cutting disc for stainless steel. Some enterprises have missed the process, and some have been shaped and processed, and the process is not in place. 5, the process documents, process parameters, hard copy: Some small enterprises have incomplete process documents, and will not adjust the process parameters according to fluctuations in raw material composition, changes in climatic and environmental conditions, or different requirements of users. The quality of the cutting sheets produced by these enterprises is often unstable.

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