Was Aeria Games the Right Choice for Bless?


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Most people must have seen the recent news about Bless Online's chosen western publisher, and I wanted to ask whether everyone expected a completely different company.

I was. Not because I consider Aeria incompetent at publishing it, but because Bless Online is this kind of firm and long-awaited title that a majority of would expect so that it is given to a more impressive publishing company. Personally, I haven't had the opportunity play a great number of MMORPGs run by Aeria, except maybe Echo of Soul and Aura Kingdom, that have been not exactly my personal favorites.

Bless Online has kept players awaiting years now, so when Aeria was announced as being the western publisher, it seemed not every person was happy regarding it. This, needless to say, does not always mean that Aeria will never manage to run the sport, but safe ' server ? the workforce to take care of a huge player base?

Bless Online is likely to generate a massive amount of hype inside the western regions and few people can handle a lot of players. To me, Aeria Games' current report on games is apparently dominated by casual MMORPGs  and Bless Online is certainly not even in close proximity to being a casual game.

Many expected the western publisher of Bless being Trion, but seeing the condition of ArcheAge and Rift, several people would similarly be unsatisfied. Are all of you happy with your choice that Aeria is going to be publishing Bless from the NA and EU regions, or do you have a totally different company under https://www.mmoah.com/aura-kingdom


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