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nathandalton Feb 10

Just how to Fix QuickBooks Enterprise Error 15215
While updating payrolls in QuickBooks, you can face the error: QuickBooks Error 15215. Reason behind this error could be the inability to verify an electronic signature. This matter prevents further download or update of payroll. So that you can resolve this error and proceed using the normal workflow, it is important to identify the primary cause and then seek diagnostic help.

So what does QuickBooks Error 15215 indicate?

While downloading a payroll update, the process is interrupted with an email that the update cannot progress due to QuickBooks error 15215. What this means is that the device failed to verify the digital signature. In some cases, all updates except the maintenance release updates are installed. QuickBooks errors like error 15215, allow it to be hard for users to execute routine tasks and for that reason disrupt regular workflow activities.

Which are the possible reasons for QuickBooks Error 15215 that occurs?
The error may occur within the following circumstances:

Incomplete or improper installation of updates resulting in some modules being updated, as the others are associated with the older version.
There clearly was a conflicting application running within the background. This application could be consuming a large bandwidth rendering it problematic for QuickBooks for connecting into the server.
The download is pre-empted by anti-malware, anti-spyware or other virus-protection software. This occurs due to the fact anti-virus software assumes the download or update to be a threat and therefore does not permit its progress.
Issues with the configuration of Internet Explorer.
Every other reason for failure to verify the digital signature of the downloads thereby interrupting it
Issues linked to internet connectivity that prevent downloads or updates from getting initiated.

Just how to resolve QB Error 15215?
In the event that issue is a result of a conflicting desktop application:
Close QuickBooks.
Right click on the startup icon of QuickBooks and select “Run as administrator”
Click on “Yes” for confirmation into the pop-up.
Check if the issue is resolved.

In the event that issue is caused because of blocking by anti-spyware:
Modify the anti-virus software to exempt the files exe and qbupdate.exe and the domains: QuickBooks.com, Intuit.com, and Payroll.com.
Once exempted, the anti-malware software will not interrupt QuickBooks updates or payroll downloads.

If it's because of other digital signature verification issues
Close any open QuickBooks
Locate the file QBW32.exe using Windows Search
Right-click the file and choose Properties
Navigate towards the Digital Signature tab and choose Intuit, Inc.
Click details and then click View Certificate within the Digital Signature window.
Click Install into the Certificate window.
Keep clicking Next last but not least click Finish.
Restart the machine and open QuickBooks again.

If the issue is because of web browser configuration
tls 1.0 1.1 1.2 Vrify
Close QuickBooks.
Open the IE browser
Click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Settings.
Search for options Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2.
Check the box for Use TLS 1.0 and uncheck the boxes to be used TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2
Click OK, restart the pc.
Launch QuickBooks and verify the error resolution again.

How to proceed if the user struggles to solve Error 15215?
More often than not where in fact the user encounters the error is QuickBooks, the procedure above is enough to work through issues. In extreme circumstances, for which you cannot debug and fix the error, the consumer can call the QuickBooks customer support number and seek assistance. They could be more than ready to aid users on these issues. Reach out to QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number .

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